Undiscovered Ventures

Seed stage access for institutional investors.

About Undiscovered Ventures

Undiscovered Ventures’ name comes from the Blue Ocean Strategy, which touts the simultaneous pursuitof differentiation and low cost. Instead of entering into fierce industry competition, they help their investment companies discover new markets, processes, and products to allow them to create their own categories, and thereby compete uninfluenced by price. Their unique approach to due diligence and portfolio management gives their investment clients a significant and meaningful performance boost without compromising the upside return potential. By shifting the focus of the due diligence process and combing scientific-proven management techniques with the world's most powerful A.I. prediction engine, their clients see better results without needless high fees. Their investments are designed with the intent of having a positive social impact in addition to a large financial gain.

          Startups We Seek

               We seek startups that we know we can best serve, and those that are a good fit in our  Accelerator Program.


  • Founder-market-fit, skills to execute, preference for industry experience
  • Coachable, honest, genuine, committed and demonstrating integrity

Customers (at two of the following)

  • Does this create 10x value over current processes?
  • Early customers with potential to improve unit economics
  • Heavily validated product, vetted by our partner network


  • Highly relevant to solving the problem and creating a company “moat”
  • Working prototype or proven to be technologically feasible

Funding (preference)

  • Family, Friends and Fools money, and / or pre-seed money
  • Seed funding, in need of a bridge round

Timing & Market

  • Billion dollar market opportunity, with potential to be +100M evaluated company
  • Uniqueness, defence ability, barriers to entry, competition


Our Services

Institutional Seed Stage Investments

Undiscovered Ventures has created a methodology that allows institutional investors access to seed stage investments through the syndication of graduates of the top-tier accelerators.

Co-Investing & Round Leader

Undiscovered Ventures works with other funds, banks, and investment strategies to reduce risk exposure through the pooling of funds. UV serves investment lead when appropriate.

Investment Due Diligence

Undiscovered Ventures has a team of auditors and investment professionals who perform investment due diligence on private market companies and accelerators.

Accelerator Portfolio Management

Undiscovered Ventures works with accelerator and incubator owners and operators to support their investment policy committees to ensure better results. Often state-backed programs require investment professionals with proven track records before they contribute investment funds.


For more information, contact: Mathieu Antonius J  info@roomforwork.com



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