The cost of unemployment in a socio - economic point of view

Jul 03, 2018

In  the  following  figure,  the  total  cost  of unemployment  is  compared  to  the  average  salary  cost  in

each  country.  Following important results can be stressed:

In comparison to the average salary cost in each country, an unemployed has the highest relative

cost in Germany (90% of the salary cost) and Belgium (88% of the salary cost) and the lowest in the

UK (59% of the salary cost).

France, Spain and Sweden are in a medium position, with an average relative cost of  unemployment  varying  from  75%  of  the  salary  cost  in  Sweden  to  84%  in France.

The position of the countries is different according to their relative or their absolute cost  of  unemployment.  In  relative  terms,  Germany  has  the  highest  cost  of unemployment while it has only the 4th position in terms of absolute cost.

Figure 4

: The average cost of unemployment compared to the average salary cost



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